Requested by @Boogie and @theshome
  1. Pro:
    Change is good! Fun! Fresh!
  2. Con:
    I fear I will get lost in the shuffle of all the new listers. Will my circle of list friends even know me anymore? I've seriously lost people bc they changed their pic and names too many times.
  3. Pro:
    I reaaaaalllly like that new pic of me. (Even though ssshhhh it's like 6 years old.)
  4. Con:
    The old profile pic just disappears. Poof. Gone. Sometimes when someone changes pics I wish I could swipe through to look at all their past ones to make sure they are who I think they are.
  5. Pro:
    It's as good a time as any. And similarly, if not now, when?
  6. Con:
    I still have the cardboard cutout of my current pic and feel like it still has some good life left in it for future list meet ups.
  7. Pro:
    It's still a pretty "on brand" pic for me. I'm definitely going for an "I don't take myself too seriously" vibe.
  8. Con:
    I'm not smiling in the new pic and smiling is kinda my favorite.
  9. Pro:
    Cheekbone and hair game are on point.
  10. Con:
    Goodbye muscles.
  11. I think I'll sleep on it and decide in the morning.