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  1. Every year I take my students to a giant petting zoo called Lazy Five Ranch!
  2. They have a multitude of animals for you to see and feed and pet.
  3. Some animals you see while on a wagon ride.
  4. Some you feed over a cage.
  5. Some you pet through a fence.
  6. There are two animals you don't feed or touch: the zebras and the camels.
    Zebras have top and bottom teeth so they can cause injury if they bite you. Camels are just assholes.
  7. While touring the ranch one year, we were near the field of camels when I hear a scream!
  8. I look around and see that one of my sweet girls has her arm in the fence and a camel has the whole thing inside its mouth!
    I'm talking from fingertip to shoulder blade!
  9. She looks terrified!
  10. (I pause for a second to contemplate taking a picture.)
  11. I rush over and start pulling her arm out of the camel's mouth.
  12. It is drenched with the most despicable, slimy spit I've ever beheld.
  13. The little girl is sobbing in my arms but she is and always was fine.
  14. The next day when we were journaling about our field trip, the little girl wrote, "Yesterday Mrs. B saved my life. I was almost eaten by a camel."