1. When I got really competitive during a volleyball game in middle school PE and tried to spike the ball and came back down on a kid's foot and laughed. I found out the next day I had broken it. I found out years later that a girl who looked like me took the fall for it.
  2. Accidentally booking a hotel in California instead of in Atlanta when I took 40 youth group kids to a conference.
  3. The first time I went to club and dressed in all black but it turned out to be white night because they turned on a bunch of black lights. So all you could see if me was fluorescent flecks of lint.
  4. Seeing Twilight in the theater over ten times.
  5. The Great Okra Debacle of 2013. My sister gave me a bag of maternity clothes and a bag of okra at the same time. I threw the big bag of clothes in a corner of my bedroom and completely forgot about the little bag of okra inside it. Two weeks later Daniel kept insisting something smelled weird and we finally figured it out when the dog chewed...
    through the bag and black used-to-be-okra goo came spilling out.
  6. When I thought @DCB drank with his pinky out because he did it consistently for years. So when he drank like that in front of his family and they chuckled I exclaimed, "No! He really drinks that way!" And they all laughed at me.
  7. That time I thought moped (MO-ped) was pronounced moped (mow-pt) even though the French word I was looking up was autobicyclette.
  8. Running out of gas with @tcdavis1 and @Cara_duhh . @justjills had to come save is.
  9. Confusing UNIX and eunuchs when I worked in a bookstore.
  10. The other day when I met a new mom friend and recognized her kids because I had sneakily taken pictures of them in the Chickfila play place because they were dressed so adorably.
    (Luckily the mom was not creeped out because she owns a clothing line and felt that it was the ultimate compliment!)
  11. At that restaurant in France when I couldn't understand the waiter even though I semi spoke French at the time. I finally broke down and said, "What!?" And @justjills said, "That's English, Amie. He wants to know what we want."
  12. Accidentally drinking drinking too much wine that one time and throwing up on Daniel's feet in a parking lot.