Inspired by @lindseycornett and @LizDawson
  1. My neighbors are angels.
    Actually, they're Mormons. And they're the nicest, most generous people. They watch my daughter when I'm in a pinch, lend me ingredients when I run out of them and they put up with our shitty excuse for a lawn.
  2. There is a kickass pool!
    A great kid pool and a decent regular pool. Adult swim has gone from being my least favorite ten minutes to the best ten minutes!
  3. There is a cute path running through the middle of the neighborhood.
    It's shady and mossy and just a little bit magical.
  4. It's exactly central to the rest of my life.
    My school/work is three miles south. My parents are three miles north.
  5. It abuts a county-owned strip of land that will someday be a greenway!
    It probably won't happen for a decade but it was a huge reason we bought the house.
  6. It's very diverse!
    Chinese, Nigerian, Hispanic, Ethiopian, African American, and Caucasian coexist peacefully- and that's just on my street!
  7. My neighborhood shares a common entrance with an apartment community that has a dog park.
    I don't have a fence so my dog can't just run free. The dog park has been a godsend.
  8. The Publix and Goodwill are within walking distance.
    Technically so is a target, Chickfila and the public library but traffic is a little scary and the sidewalks are mostly nonexistent.
  9. There are three ways in and out of the neighborhood.
    This is amazing! No matter the time of day, I have a best route for getting where I need to be quickly.
  10. Overall, I really love it and am so content.
    It was nice to intentionally think about all the awesome little perks of my life. I am grateful.