1. Where did that bottle of Prosecco go?
    An awesome mom gave me a bottle as an end of year gift and I forget where I put it.
  2. How do you spell prosseco?
    I have tried several variations and non seem correct and i ain't tryina google it. It's late I'm tired
  3. That giant turtle I saw flipped over on its back on the side of the road.
    It was many years ago and I pulled over but was too afraid to touch it to flip it back over. I thought it was dead so it didn't matter but what if it wasn't dead yet and just needed a little fliparoo? I'll never know and so it will haunt me.
  4. There are so many lists I want to relist bc I'm too lazy to make a list of good lists.
    I know there are good ones y'all are missing. Just look up @rycores @emroth @cinderstina @beanbag @wndrmee to get started
  5. Is this week of summer camp going to be as smooth and wonderful as last week?
    Please, Lord, let it be so.
  6. Does anyone else think Wonder Woman looks just like Kim Kardashian?
  7. Will Ellie ever be potty trained?
    Girl doesn't want candy or ice cream or popsicles or gummies. She wants nothing and therefore cannot be bought. What the hell?
  8. What's my next adventure?
    West coast? It's gotta be the west coast.
  9. ~~~
    The Prosecco has been found! It was in the trunk of D's car!
  10. Also checkout @eisenbam bc her lists are 👌🏼