Requested by @biz
Danke for the request, @biz ! And I ranked them because some made me physically cringe just writing about them.
  1. Thong Underwear.
  2. Dogs that hump people's legs.
  3. Being in the backseat of a two-door car and the person in the front seat won't get out quickly enough.
  4. Disappointing someone I really care about.
  5. The thought that I'm wasting my life doing lots of little things instead of working hard toward one big thing.
    I have no clue what that big thing would be. And that also makes me uncomfortable.
  6. When a fiction book I'm reading ends up having rape, incest or any twisted sexual element.
  7. When a professional athlete makes a silly mistake in the game.
  8. The smell of other people's feet and farts.
  9. The "can we talk" text.
  10. Bras.
  11. When I know I ought to apologize like a grown ass women but flake out instead.
  12. Hating the most recent album release of my favorite singer/songwriter.
  13. Loud noises.
  14. Extreme heat or cold.
  15. Overly bright overhead lights.
  16. Unsolicited advice.
  17. When my in-laws talk about politics.
  18. Doing math in front of anyone older than a third grader.
  19. When someone tells me they have a surprise for me but it isn't then immediately disclosed what said surprise is.
  20. When someone says they loved a book I hated.
  21. The knowledge that every day I'm turning more and more into my mother.
  22. When my daughter's preschool teachers sent home a note telling me to cut up the grapes I send to school.
  23. Contact lenses after a few hours.
  24. When someone has their iPhone keyboard clicks on.
  25. Knowing I have written a check to someone and not knowing when or if they'll actually cash it.