1. Make a list
  2. Breathe extra deeply
  3. Text your friends to pray for you
  4. Ask your mom and dad to watch your baby so you can get a lot done
  5. Skip church
  6. Ignore all your chores
    Or alternately: clean everything
  7. Check your bank acct
    Or don't
  8. Watch a movie or read/listen to a book
    To mentally escape to another time & place
  9. Eat fast food
    Or a pre-made salad
  10. Wear sneakers
  11. Drink coffee
    Or not
  12. Visualize the thing that's stressing you out
    Picture it going as smoothly as possible
  13. Ask yourself: what's the worst thing that would happen if this doesn't go well?
    Usually nothing
  14. Ask your BFF to help you out
  15. Mentally plan you're dream backyard
  16. Don't sleep
    Or take a pill to get to sleep
  17. Drink lots of water