In which my brain and heart explode all my thoughts and feelings concerning Sherlock. A million spoilers but please come back once you've watched the last episode.
  1. Hello, friends.
  2. I've just finished watching The Final Problem.
  3. The first five minutes made me want to die.
  4. My favorite episodes of Sherlock are:
    Empty Hearse, Reichenbach Fall, Sign of Three, Scandal in Belgravia
  5. Honorable mentions:
    Study in Pink, Great Game, Abominable Bride
  6. Bottom of the Barrel:
    Hounds of Baskerville, Six Thatchers
  7. Not sure where the final two episodes rank. They're too fresh and my heart is too raw.
  8. Problems with this show:
    They killed Moriarty off way too soon. Best villain ever, perhaps? Also, they needn't have killed Mary. Also, when people die they don't really leave videos of themselves a la Moriarty and Mary. Lastly, I get it, it's great and high quality but surely they can pump out more than 3-4 episodes every two years. Get over yourselves.
  9. Shoutout and a standing O for such quality secondary characters:
    Ms. Hudson, Molly Hooper and Greg LeStrade
  10. I love(d) Mary.
    I don't feel like she is conventionally gorgeous but something about her makes me feel like she is the most beautiful woman ever.
  11. John Watson you bastard with your text flirting I will cut you.
  12. Magnussen and Culverton Smith were disgustingly delightful villains.
    Even that sounds too nice. They were so despicable that I might not watch those episodes ever again whereas I love to rewatch the Moriarty episodes.
  13. Loved that the final villain/mastermind was a lady.
  14. Euros was creepy AS SHIT.
    If any of you watched Psych, didn't Euros remind you of Yang??
  15. I can't believe Irene Adler never truly came back as a character.
  16. My favorite scene ever is when Sherlock and John go to solve a case whilst drunk.
    "He's clueing. Clueing for looks."
  17. Alright. I'm spent. I'll probs rewatch it all this summer. Love you all.