1. First off, I love the podcast logo.
    Sweet & Simple
  2. I love the way they modernized the West Wing song with the jazzy snazzy beats.
    Sorry I sound like a lame mom trying to say cool words. I just don't have musicy knowledge to describe the way they bebopped it up. But trust me, it's great!
  3. The hosts, Josh and Hrishi, were pleasant to listen to.
    They're no Alec Baldwin, but their voices were just regular voices and made for easy listening.
  4. The sound was👌🏼.
    I've started listening to a lot of podcasts and I hate when I have to fidget with the volume because one host is talking farther from their mic. These two guys were equidistant from theirs and it was a small, but noticeable, relief.
  5. Okay. Now to the actual content of the episode.
  6. It was fascinating and nostalgia inducing.
    It's so amazing to remember that WW was made in a pre-smartphone era! I'm so so glad it is. Even though I love and enjoy VEEP and recognize it's a whole different vibe, I can't help but compare their (very realistic) phone habits to the mostly phoneless characters on WW.
  7. Chris and Hrishi talk through the episode and at times it just feels like a commentary on a movie.
    I did not know what POTUS meant until I saw this episode. Granted that was over a decade ago and I was only in high school.
  8. Other times they discussed theories on how true or relevant something from the show feels.
    Would Josh' comment concerning the religious right and tax evasion be big news today? Would a senior staffer really lose their job over an off-the-cuff jab on a morning show?
  9. Yes. Rob Lowe is handsome.
    I loved when Josh described him as a sort of alien. Apparently Rob has crazy aura and charisma in real life that may cause you question whether he is actually human.
  10. Hrishi and Josh explain that one Aaron Sorkin-ism is to have a character basically state their resume or to have them give the tech specs for something.
    The example from the first lines is when Toby rebuffs the flight attendant who asks him to turn off his cell phone. "We're flying in a Lockheed Eagle series L1011. It came off the line 20 months ago. It carries a Sim-5 Transponder tracking system. Are you telling me I can still flummox this thing with something I bought at Radio Shack?" I always loved that part.
  11. They tell about two reviews the WW received post-pilot episode.
    Entertainment Weekly gave them an A bit The New York Times reviewer basically scoffed at it.
  12. What I learned from this podcast was how brilliant this episode was in one major way: it made you feel like these people, and even the president himself, are the underdogs.
    From the bike accident to the people who would have a hay day if they knew Sam slept with a call girl (even as innocent as it was!), you feel like these people are being attacked on all fronts. Then you see their humanity, their hearts especially when Bartlett talks about the Cuban refugees. At that point you, as a viewer, are sold on loving them, rooting for them and believing in them. It's really a beautiful thing.
  13. My only complaint is that they didn't talk enough about CJ.
    She didn't have a huge part in the pilot since they had the huge task of introducing all the characters and their roles/personalities. Still. Need more CJ.
  14. Tl;dr
    It was great so go listen!