1. The cold open with Marshawn Lynch.
    "Dang, they forgot my pico de gallo."
  2. Pretty much everything Marshawn Lynch said.
    I didn't even know who he was but now I love him.
  3. Boyle's face after Jake shoots down his enthusiasm over his moisture wicking shirt.
  4. When Captain Holt is trying to talk to the foreign lady of unknown origin and he starts miming.
    "I'm tying a simple half Windsor so she'll know I'm a baby."
  5. When Amy and Jake start geeking out about Harry Potter because he's been secretly reading it.
    Then later Jake says to Terry, "Don't be such a Malfoy."
  6. When Doug Judy is explaining his dog fraud charges. He sold people fake Pekingese dogs.
    "'Twas a cat."
  7. Doug Judy and Jake's theme song.
    🎶"The ghost of the talking dog haunts the precinct."🎶