Found this in my drafts. Inspired by @bookishclaire and @alligeeshow
  1. Library fines are a perfectly acceptable form of philanthropy.
  2. Your lists are my favorite to read.
  3. Want to go for a walk and talk about life?
  4. You have great taste.
  5. You always pack perfect lunches for your preschooler.
  6. Here's a bag of clothes I was going to give to Goodwill but you can look through it first.
  7. Your hair looks so nice and freshly washed.
  8. I'm paying.
  9. Can I bring you coffee?
  10. You look better every year.
  11. You're getting a raise!
  12. I feel so comfortable at your house.
  13. I bought a gallon of milk because I knew you were coming over.
  14. Here, let me change the baby's diaper.
  15. You remind me of someone I love.
  16. Let's be friends.
  17. Can we talk about Harry Potter for a second?
  18. You make me smile.
  19. I secretly don't like dogs.
  20. I read a book I think you'll love.