1. Every few years I grow my hair really long and then chop it off to donate.
  2. I've done it three times since high school.
  3. Exceeeeept that, I never get around to the donating part.
  4. The first time I chopped my hair off I was living in Paris and my apartment only had a tub.
    You know how difficult it is to wash long hair in a tub?? Very. difficult.
  5. So I braided my hair and cut it off and mailed it to my mom hoping she'd send it in to some organization.
  6. Years later I found the ponytail still in an envelope on a dresser in her room.
  7. So I took it intending to send it off but never did. In fact, I moved twice and kept finding it and losing it again.
  8. ~
  9. The next time I chopped my hair was a few months after my wedding.
  10. My hair stylist chopped it for me and put it in a baggy and gave it to me.
  11. I forgot all about it and found it under the seat of my car about six months later.
  12. I thought to myself, "Oh, I'll find that first ponytail and send them in together."
  13. So I put it in a drawer and forgot all about it.
  14. ~
  15. The last time was maybe four years ago.
  16. Again, we bagged my hair and I swore to find the first two.
  17. Except I kept finding one at a time and then putting it somewhere and could never really get my hands on all three at once.
  18. Well, finally a few months ago I cleaned out some boxes, drawers and closets to get ready for some house guests and voila! All three ponytails resurfaced.
  19. Here they are. Look away if you must!
  20. So today they are going in the mail.
  21. And I can finally be relieved of this self-inflicted prison.