1. Get my pea coat dry cleaned
    Cheaper than buying a new one. This'll be the first item I've ever dry cleaned. "This shirt is dry clean only. Which means it's dirty." -Mitch Hedburg
  2. Invest in Chapstick.
    Put a stick in every purse and jacket pocket.
  3. Clean out the garage
    So I can park in it and not be late to work every day because I have to scrape the windshield
  4. Plan several bonfire parties!
    4a: Procure free firewood
  5. Increase my vitamin C intake
    Drink more OJ, take multivitamins and maybe visit a tanning bed a time or two. Not out of vanity. I liken it to a heat lamp for plants... only it's for people.
  6. Change my attitude.
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  7. Add Irish Whiskey To Every Single Hot Beverage
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    Suggested by @icupcake
  8. Have a bottle of lotion available in every room that you spend time in, preferably within arm's reach.
    Suggested by @justjills