1. Most of my quirks are endearing instead of off-putting
  2. That I like almost everyone I meet
  3. I have a nice smile despite never having had braces
  4. House plants flourish under my care
  5. I love all kinds of weather
  6. My green eyes
  7. I don't have a strong southern accent
  8. My body is insanely average: height, weight, shoe size, hair color, etc
  9. My body is insanely healthy
  10. I was born in April
  11. That my name means "beloved" and that has always been a cornerstone of my identity
  12. My quick and easy laugh
  13. I have good balance and am relatively athletic
  14. My freckles
  15. I can cook decent food with ease
  16. I'm comfortable with my flaws
  17. Years ago I started writing down funny things people I know said and now I have hundreds of quotes that make me and others laugh regularly
  18. I like my singing voice most of the time
  19. I'm a good mom, sometimes even a great one
  20. I've written exactly 400 lists on li.st
  21. I'm extremely resourceful and crafty
  22. My feet are not horrible
  23. I'm great at sleeping
  24. I really really love food
  25. I take good pictures
  26. I surround myself with people who are smarter and kinder than me and whose very being inspires me to be better
  27. I am genuinely appreciative of all I have