Inspired by @k8zinker and semi requested by @justjills
  1. Throw away all of my subpar socks and underwear
  2. Send Luna away to intense doggy training
  3. Pay the teenage neighbor or someone else to mow our lawn every week of summer for the rest of our lives
  4. Then I'd turn our backyard into a magical wonderland with a slack line and treehouse and secret garden
  5. I'd wait to hit 200 thousand miles on my car and then get a new one
    I'm only 200 miles away!
  6. Pay off school loans
  7. Go to Italy
  8. Pay off everything ever of my immediate and some of my extended family
  9. Buy houses for my family
    And for my aunts
  10. Spend every August in Maine
  11. Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter several times
  12. Upgrade my phone
  13. I would have a house cleaner and I'd love it but I'd hate myself for it
  14. Pay someone to cook us meals
    I'd still grill occasionally
  15. I would still try to convince D to Redbox movies before buying them
    It just makes sense.
  16. I'd buy a great SLR camera but I'd forget to use it most of the time
  17. Travel to the redwoods and sequoias and hike and camp and be so happy
  18. Buy a beach house
  19. Buy a mountain house
  20. Get Hamilton tickets for all my book club friends
  21. Give so much to Heifer International and International Justice Mission
  22. Sponsor a ton of Compassion or World Vision kids
    And be crushed with guilt over not being able to keep up with writing letters back
  23. Donate to the campaign of whoever will be running against you-know-who in the 2020 election
  24. Invest
    Because Daniel would make me
  25. I hope @justjills would let me pay off her house and pay her bills forever so she could quit her awful job
  26. I would drink Starbucks every day probably