Inspired by @aubreywhy 's list: Don't worry! This is a very nice list. Hopefully furthering the dialogue. This got way too long and is giving me anxiety already.
  1. I absolutely see what you mean.
  2. I am more liberal than conservative but I've definitely seen the hatred you're mentioning that has been directed towards our more GOP-minded users.
  3. I think it is worse right now because Trump has been so abhorrent towards so many groups of people.
  4. So when someone says they support him (or aren't actively against him) it is seen as aligning with his type of unkindness/awfulness.
  5. I think if this were four or eight years ago and someone spoke out in support of Mitt or McCain, we'd be seeing much more open, friendly dialogue.
    But maybe that's only my hopeful, naively-positive outlook talking.
  6. Also, there are a small handful of new list users who are openly and staunchly right-wing and all of their comments come across as very aggressive and, well, hateful.
    I guess because it seems like the majority of list users are lefties maybe they feel the need to be louder and fight harder to be heard or something?? Or maybe my Democratic-leaning self is reading too much into their comments? Totally possible.
  7. I've thought about blocking them but I don't want to be the type of person who only listens to people with her same world-view.
    That's not healthy.
  8. On the other hand, once someone says something racist or creepy or all-out mean, then for my personal mental health, and because I get the option of "curating my digital experience" so that it will be an enjoyable one, I'll use my right to block.
    That wasn't well worded. But hopefully you get me.
  9. As someone mentioned in the comments of your original list there have been a handful of lists about Christian belief that were well received.
    I feel like we, as a community, are more accepting and less attacky about religion than we are about politics. Again, maybe because of the Trump situation. P.S. I'm a southern evangelical Christian. Hi! 👋🏼
  10. I had one last point. But I can't remember it. Something about Fox News.
    I guess the secret question I want to ask all conservatives is.... Do you only watch Fox News? Do you feel like they are truly "fair and balanced?"
  11. My reasoning for this question:
  12. I was never into the news until I started watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
  13. He often pointed out the fear-mongering, muck-raking, sensationalist news that Fox reported.
    And he attacked them for being unhealthily biased.
  14. And I completely understand that his show and many other stations do the exact same thing, only in a left-leaning way!
    But to be open and honest I think Fox is the worse offender.
  15. So now I try hard to receive my news from an outside source or maybe watch from both sides to see if I can find a sane balance.
    BBC and are actually my main sources of news.
  16. What I love most about is how easy it is for me to read lists by people who often don't get a platform or aren't represented in the news or media or who in my own life don't feel safe enough to share their thoughts and feelings.
    Hearing the first-hand opinions and stories of PoC has opened my eyes and broken my heart and shaken my world up. It's sometimes hard to hear but so necessary and so important.
  17. I believe diversity of all kinds is necessary for a healthy community.
    But that opens me up to being in contact with people who I believe are wrong or crazy such as Fox News junkies or Obama haters. (HOW CAN ANYONE HATE HIM?!?!) If someone was able to make a nice list about reasons they don't like Obama, I'd love to try to understand. But I also know they'd probably catch a lot of shit on here. Or maybe we'd have an amazing, healthy discussion?
  18. So where do I land this thing?
  19. I hear you.
  20. I get you.
  21. I believe you and me and everyone here are an important, valuable part of this community and of this world.