Inspo @ijeoma and so many more natural beauts 🤗 (this shit long, my bad y'all)
  1. Where we began
    With an inhumane amount of drapage. Women on both my mom & dad's side of the family have a history of long hair, and I was no exception
  2. Complete strangers would gas me up in adolescence
  3. But of course, my mom assumed full responsibility for its maintenance
    Rumor is she ain't start combing it til my 1st birthday 😂 from that point forward, it almost always stayed in plaits
  4. Where we progressed
    Right around middle school, my mother was reaching her wit's end. And rightfully so, seeing as she sat me down every night to braid up my hair for what seemed like decades
  5. And I was tired, too
    What 7th grader wants to walk around with plaits? Not to mention, I was already extremely self-conscious of my thick eyebrows & my highly active hair follicles
  6. And my sister already had a perm! Why the hell was I forced to suffer through the hours of detangling?
  7. So, at my incessant prompting, my mom agreed I could relax my hair
    But I had to wait until right before I entered 8th grade. She had already let me get my first facial wax at 13, so I was ready for the glo up
  8. It was a huge occasion
    Many pix were taken and my stylist had to use 2 tubs of relaxer on my ass
  9. I was oh so very proud & happy to have a low maintenance style for the foreseeable future
  10. Where we returned
    Of course, my sister goes off to college & chops off her hair almost immediately. Mind you, this is during the time natural hair is seen as problematic & resistant
  11. She got so much shit
    Every family gathering, my aunts or cousins would make jabs at her natural hair, convinced she would never get a job & fully baffled at her choice
  12. But I was inspired
    And I realized that not once in my life had I TRULY learned about my hair. I periodically switched between iron outs and ponytails during my in between. To me, the only way my hair was manageable was with a perm. The risk seemed too high
  13. Nevertheless, my soph year in college, I unknowingly began to transition
    At first, I pledged only a few months without a relaxer. But as I saw more & more BW begin to wear & love their natural locks, my willingness grew
  14. One night in February, I had washed my hair and was trying to figure out what to do with these annoying ass dual textures
    Nothing looked good. Braid outs, twist outs, you name it. My patience was running thin.
  15. So I stomped down to one of the lounges in my dorm with a pair of scissors and told @aprilkquioh to "cut this shit off"
    She, of course, was elated. Still don't know why I trusted her ass to this day 😂
  16. We recorded the whole shit on her camera. We so extra 🙄
  17. For a few months, I didn't really "do" my hair
    Although my hair is thick, I have a wavy whitegirllookinass texture. So I could get away with wash & gos for awhile. Here's me in full ratchet form on a beach in the DR
  18. But that shit grew like weeds, so I eventually developed a regimen and started to experiment
  19. It really helped that I had so many other BW to walk me through it. Hair vlogs saved my life
  20. And it's been so fun to experiment
    Not only with styles, with diff products, homemade recipes, etc. Although this color fucked up my pattern
  21. I'm ready to experiment more
    I've hit a wall where my hair's longer than ever, but not really taking to anything…split ends left & right, and I have no time/energy to care for it.
  22. I'm getting Havana twists for the first time this weekend because it's hot as the devil's asshole and IM OVER IT. Any tips please pass along 🤗
  23. All in all, I've loved learning about my hair and the many styles it can carry. Of course, mainstream America loves this shit now. White people always tryna touch my shit. But even when the cycle of disapproval comes back around, I'll be right here, happy n nappy :)