1. So I'm at the end of a debilitating week of poor finances, late night work, & a shitty head cold
  2. And to top it all off, I'm entering month 4 of directing this documentary
  3. Let me explain
  4. The film closely follows the lives of the black womxn/queer folk at the helm of the black liberation movement in Chicago
    And I recently received an amazing fellowship to help the project get completed
  5. Most days, I don't feel like I'll ever do it justice. On top of dealing with the all-in-one responsibility of directing, shooting, & post
  6. But some days, I just sit with my footage & reflect
  7. And remember that not only am I capturing this movement, I'm being affected by it as well
  8. Idk when I'll be going full-fledged public with this project, but since screen grabs look way better on small screens, I thought I'd share some with y'all here
  9. One of my main subjects, B, self-proclaimed raptivist from Chicago, after a performance at the Metro
  10. She smiles thru everything, even when talking about some of the gravest injustices in Chicago
  11. She was dancing in this moment
  12. My other main subject, J. She's been organizing in Chicago since she stepped foot here 2 years ago. All cred to her for being the engine behind this project. She's relentless in this fight.
  13. From one of the shoots I did at her house. Her roomie did her make-up for a party she was throwing for her squad
  14. Attendees shout "I Am Rekia Boyd" at a monthly meeting of the Illinois Police Review Association. They attend monthly insisting on the firing of Dante Servin, Rekia's killer
  15. Some black girl love at an art space on MLK Jr. Day
  16. And a screen grab after J spoke (this looks way better in motion LOL)
  17. The first time I met B. At a celebration for the dismissal of Chicago Police Superintendent Gary McCarthy. They often have her close out rallies/actions with her powerful words.
  18. In the streets with them on MLK weekend
  19. Anyway, keep the organizers & me uplifted y'all. I'm tired, but I know the fight is even more futile for these amazing, powerful womxn!