Transitioning has been hella hard, but I can say it has come with insurmountable growth
  1. My potential supersedes my reality
    I have more than enough talent & skill to achieve my calling. And the power to strike down those projecting their dreams onto me. Yes, an Oscar bid/world tour/cash $$$ would be amazing, but my life amounts to so much more than the totality of that
  2. Judging the potential & drive of others fails to give a full picture
    Private school really affected my ability to wrap my head around this. For many years, I heavily looked down on those not on a straight & narrow path. My parents have worked the same jobs for over 25 years. Although they may have desired for more, nothing can ever quantify the beauty & strength in providing for your family & encouraging your children. Outsiders may not see that, but that doesn't lessen their impact in any way
  3. I'm a decent writer when I try
    And it helps me work through things...but I am truly terrified to open the can of worms that is Celtx and address those unfinished screenplays
  4. Scared money don't make no money
    Put your ass out on a limb & watch yourself thrive
  5. You have to release yourself from burdens that take hold on your current situation
    I was in an abusive friendship for a number of years that sometimes still takes hold on my current actions & overall mentality. Even beyond the forgiveness that became necessary, I had to coach myself to understand that I no longer had to bear the burden of it. That although I may no longer be present in that person's life doesn't mean I should feel guilty or responsible. We must put those burdens to rest in order to grow and simply exist tbh
  6. Love fully or not at all
    I've struggled with this my entire life. Cause love doesn't mean trying to fix someone or pushing them to adhere to your way of life. And as well-intentioned as we may be, in doing that we limit the potential of what could be. Sometimes this means letting people go. And a lot of sacrifice. But I'm addicted to this concept because it feels like the only one with a return investment. You not only find out so much about others when you fully love, you also learn about the intricacies of yourself.
  7. Addendum: don't qualify your shit!
    Whenever I put my work out there, I try to protect it with words & ideas to reason why something is a certain way. I wanted to mention how this list in itself lacks coherence. Why why WHY are we always imprisoned by the approval of others? We're flawed creatives, writers, and thinkers. The journey is about what we feel & take from it, not how well or peacefully it is received. Shine like you're sposed to ❤️