I'm tired.
  1. Cause a cop can just come through & shoot me in the back multiple times claiming "self-defense"
  2. And that same cop gets off scot free months or even YEARS later because there's not "enough evidence"
  3. Or the jury is all white
  4. Or it would set a precedent for actually prosecuting people WHO KILL other people
  5. And then, in trying to show my pain & emotion in solidarity & protest, I might be chastised or scorned or, as of yesterday, shot
    By some white boys who decided to harbor just a little bit more hate today
  6. But the state will probably let them just go free, too
  7. So I have to find the energy to wake up & take my ass to work knowing that my grief & terror isn't seen as a legit reason to not go
    Cause most employers wouldn't allow me to call in black
  8. And be doubly overwhelmed by the stress of work and oh idk, staying the fuck alive
    While dealing with all the privileged fucks around me who can offer little more than a comforting word
  9. Before we can even get through one stage of grief, another event has inevitably thrown off the balance again
  10. So yeah. To be black I'm America is to be in a constant state of terror
    Or a constant state of apathy in order to function
  11. And y'all want me to focus on subverting racist notions in my work slash personal life, too?
  12. Y'all want me to clarify how oppression is oppression is oppression?
  13. That refusing refugees from war-torn countries shows how little fucks you give about oppressed citizens in this country?
  14. That defunding public schools and pouring more money into the military is fundamentally fucked up?
  15. Why does our blackness have to be a burden
  16. Why