The only way to my skinny thick heart
  1. Domino's Pan Pizza with pepperoni, banana peppers, & olives
    Despite clearly being Lactose intolerant. They ALWAYS have a coupon for this shit
  2. Mac & cheese - ANY FORM
    See above issue
  3. Fried Oreos from the IN state fair
  4. Chick-fil-a waffle fries
    Then put them suckas in some Chick-Fil-a sauce?? Woooooo
  5. Quarter pounder with everything from Wendy's
    Post their branding/ingredient re-up
  6. Barq's root beer
    Considered a meal at points in my undergraduate career
  7. My mother's spaghetti
    It's triply 🔥
  8. Hot Cheetos/Flamin Hots
    But I had to give them hoes up in 09 😭