Strap yourselves on in
  1. We come from the South
    My mom & her siblings grew up in Mobile, AL before moving to Tuskegee when she was a baby.
  2. She has 17 siblings
    So, essentially, two sets of husbands & wives split up and one from each family fell in love with the other and got married, bringing their kids. 9 from one side, 8 from the other
  3. So my family's big as shit
    Which probably put me in a better position cause we never got individualized attention growing up
  4. This is a small section of them
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  5. And my lovely cuzzos
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  6. But my mom & one of her sisters ended up in Indiana
    My mom moved for school at the prompting of my aunt. Which I GUESS is a good thing in retrospect since that's how she met my dad. But it did rly suck being so far from her family
  7. So we got together every 4th of July
    In my grandpa's little ass house in Tuskegee, AL. Maybe 30-40 grown & young people in a 3 bedroom house. Our asses got put on the floor
  8. But we made the best of it.
    Which included coming up with dances to some of the most popular songs every year. We'd spend whole days perfecting them. Then ask for money when it was all said & done 😂
  9. Example A
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  10. It was hot & terrible but we had so much fun harassing one another and sneaking Paw Paw's whiskey
  11. My cousins grew to be some of my best friends
    We rarely see each other anymore because life. But when we do, we vibe just like before. Two years ago, we got drunk for my cousin's birthday around thanksgiving, ate his chicken, & shook our asses all night
  12. And took this sorority ass picture
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  13. I truly understand unconditional love because of them
    Despite the many fuck ups in our fam, the divorces, the unexpected babies, etc etc, my mom & her siblings never ever give up on one another and that translates so fully to us
  14. And my Paw Paw's still kickin at 91
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    Look at this cool ass dude. He's on a strict diet of milk & whiskey