I taught at a high school film institute this summer. Neverthefuckagain. See: THE TERRORS OF HIGH SCHOOL SUMMER CAMPS
  1. "Have you ever seen Jon Stewart (read: daily show)? You look just like Jessica Williams."
    I do not.
  2. "I wanna go to Qatar. Just kidding, they hate Jewish people"
    Overwhelmed by his self-awareness
  3. "Sushi is my life"
    They ordered this in 2-3x a week DESPITE being on a free meal plan
  4. "I'm scared of them the most when they all get together" -a fellow faculty associate
  5. *doesn't laugh at racist joke* "Ashley!! I thought no matter what, we have the same experience??" -a black student who regularly played out black stereotypes around her white counterparts
    I had to pull her aside on SEVERAL occasions
  6. "Did you all white balance this? It's really green" "You can fix it really easily in post"
  7. "You know we're rich. But we're still ghetto." -affluent white student
    I give up.