A reflection after this traumatic week
  1. I didn't truly understand/consciously experience psychological trauma until this week
    Spent all week feeling mentally & physically ill. As if someone in my family had died
  2. The truth is, someone in my family did die. Many someones in OUR family have been dying for awhile
  3. It made salient for me how much we as black people need social, political, & economic freedom
  4. And how much we must sacrifice our privilege in order to do so
  5. Last weekend was quite the opposite though
  6. I went home for my family reunion, which ironically enough usually takes place on the 4th of July weekend
  7. It had been a few years since my mom's side of the family got together (see: GROWING UP IN A COOL ASS FAMILY)
    But my grandpa, the family patriarch, is having more health problems & can't travel as frequently. My mom & aunt worked tireless to get all of the brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, & nephews in one place
  8. For 4 days straight, we just celebrated our black lives
  9. We ate
  10. We sang
  11. We drank (and drank and drank and drank)
  12. We just EXISTED
  13. Static
  14. Static
  15. Local
  16. Local
  17. Local
  18. Local
  19. Local
  20. As I drove home Monday, it hit me how something as simple as celebrating as black people is subversive as hell
  21. And how much power we can wield in those moments
  22. Tbh, the love from my family carried me through this week
  23. For all my black folks out there, no matter where on the spectrum, I pray you demand the space for black joy today & every day
    Whatever that means for you
  24. We gotta hold on to that at the very least ❤️