My new grown up problem
  1. I have a new found addiction to the grocery store?
  2. I'm in the Trader Joe's parking lot as I type this
    In the same spot I parked in last week
  3. And by no means have the means to visit as much as I do
    We're talking 2, 3 times a week
  4. Walmart for nonperishables
  5. Mariano's for fresh meat
  6. I will clip coupons while in the freezer aisle
  7. And sometimes go only because of a single coupon
  8. But I just loveee fresh produce
  9. And making excuses to buy cheap bottles of Chardonnay
  10. Maybe I find purpose in finding the most discounted K cups?
  11. Maybe I enjoy carrying in my multicolored assembly of reusable bags?
  12. Idk what it is, but this sure does beat going to the club on any given weekend 🙆🏽
  13. Any tips on maximizing this new grown woman experience?