The lovers & friends chapter
  1. "My Baby" - Lil Romeo
    With my 1st communion in 2nd grade. My family got me a huge poster of Lil Romeo along with his first album. I showed this more love than my diamond-encrusted cross necklace. My heart was constantly torn between Lil Romeo & Bowwow, but we spent the rest of the afternoon jumping on the bed to his album and kissing his huge face with our Claire's lipgloss 😭😭
  2. "Cake" - Travis Porter
    With my sophistiratch college friend who admires artists like Ashanti and Jeremih (no shade?). She started calling me "Kamal's" after the strip club in the song. Then she wanted to act hella uncomfortable when we went to King of Diamonds last spring -_-
  3. "Latch" -Disclosure & Sam Smith
    With the man I swore would last longer than Summer 2014. He was blasting it one night when he picked me up in his car, so he was destined for bae. Then he started acting like a fuckboy cause I apparently sent that young "I miss you" text too early in 🙄
  4. "Promise" - Jagged Edge
    With another fuckboy jr. The guy who stood me up at ~Red Lobster~ and tried to correct it by sending me YouTube clips of love songs. Of course my sappy 16 yo self thought it was the sweetest thing at the time
  5. "Ayy" - Amara la Negra
    With my Summer 2013 in the Dominic Republic. She's a famous pop star in the country and they WOULD NOT stop playing this. Children shook their ass to this song better than me. Folks on the street would call out "Amara, Amara!" cause I had big hair and a big ass like her 😂😂 I just went with it.