A concept 22 years in the making
  1. Knowing every word to Webbie's "My People"
    And being surprised when those around me do not
  2. Sometimes standing on tables in a drunken stupor
    But really I'm just tryna live life
  3. Freely spitting Boosie lyrics while out on a run
    I frightened the shit outta this white woman once
  4. Occasionally twerking to Gospel
    I know, it's bad, but at least it's in the name of Jesus?
  5. Feeling truly at home in places like King of Diamonds
    Yaaas bitch, pop it for a real one
  6. Entertaining a security guard for a full ten minutes & giving him a photoshoot
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  7. This
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  10. In the words of Jeezy da truth, "Now I'm ya favorite rapper's favorite rapper. Now I'm ya favorite trapper's favorite trapper."