1. I keep hitting this wall
  2. Emotionally. Physically. But most of all, creatively
  3. I've been working on this one project for 7 months now
    And although I've been gaining more support than ever…
  4. I'm terrified
  5. Terrified it will fail
  6. Terrified I will fail the women at the center of it
  7. Terrified it will flop so badly I won't be able to bounce back from it
  8. I've sacrificed so much to get it done
  9. And yet, the fear continues to outweigh the passion
    Some days are absolutely debilitating.
  10. And I realize it all falls back to my need to be perfect
    And yes, I'm fully aware that perfection is impossible.
  11. But I'll take whatever's closest to it if it means avoiding criticism, debate, discomfort…all of that
  12. And as @oliviapeace pointed out the other day, it hits even harder as a black woman
  13. When you're charged with representing your entire race. Responsible for healing years of trauma. Unable to meet expectations due to lack of access.
  14. Black women strive to perfect because the world will accept nothing less than.
  15. And that's bullshit.
  16. I'm tired of it.
  17. I want to be okay with imperfection.