Appreciate the attempted shade @aprilkquioh. Instead, I'll try to explain my confusing personal style
  1. So I've realized recently that I never fully acquired so-called "fashion sense", but you can certainly say my choices stem from somewhere
  2. To start, I hated dresses n all that glam shit growing up
  3. #teamtshirtorkillyoself
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  5. Then I realized I rly dig monochromatic schemes…but not in a hipster, she's into black type of way
  6. But then I came to college. And became slightly embarrassed about my clothing choices. It went something like this…
  7. There was the "shirt tucked in bandage skirt" phase
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  9. That somehow continued into my 20s
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  11. But like, on a classier level right?
  12. Engaging blackie
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  13. Sweatshirt
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  14. Attempting to keep up with trends
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  15. Occasionally trying
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  16. Sweatshirt
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  17. But in the end, I decided it's better to just go with the flow of emotions each day. Which, for me, is usually a series of disoriented, indecisive thoughts
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  18. And sometimes (all times) that means putting on clothes I feel like
  19. And on this day, during this particular early ass flight, this is what I chose
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  20. So live wit it
  21. Nevertheless, I received confirmation from my kids that on this day, I did in fact resemble a HS substitute teacher 😔 apple n all
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