@aprilkquioh! Made this under the influence but it was bound to happen. I'm LIGHTSKINNED.
  1. We met at an organization for multicultural filmmakers
    I seduced her into a exec position our junior year and then we brought Ava DuVernay our senior year cause we real
  2. She talks SOOOO much shit
    Being friends with a comedy writer is terrible
  3. She used to hide my shit around our apartment
    This isn't really a love thing. She hid my Beat headphones in a blender once. She's fake af
  4. She's more supportive than any friend I've ever had before
    Even when she only comes to my events for free chicken
  5. Her momma gave me flowers at our convocation
    I internally cried
  6. She influenced me to follow my dream when I was passive
    Although I'm still being passive but with a normal schedule now
  7. I'm gonna stop now
  8. Cause I love her infinitely
  9. Even when she shades my television options
  10. Look at us glowing
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