You will not try it. I don't care how attractive or "upbeat" the trap/EDM beat is
  1. "Crossroads" -Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
    I was peacefully listening to a rush hour mix on my hometown station when the DJ attempted to add unnecessary synths to this song. I had to pull over & gather myself
  2. "Thinkin Bout You" -Frank Ocean
    As if it's not enough that we're still waiting on this nigga to drop his nonexistent album
  3. "Feeling Good" -Nina Simone
    Suggested by @aprilkquioh. She heard the atrocity while caught in the overpriced depths of a Target
  4. "At Last" -Etta James
    Another soul singer you just can't have
  5. Anything TLC
  6. Anything Aaliyah
    Sis already has enough trouble keeping Drake off her back
  7. "Work It" -Missy Elliot
    Never try a woman that brought puffy pants & fisheye lenses to the forefront of music culture
  8. "Adorn" -Miguel
    I only can two step to the original
  9. I'll just stop cause white people not gon listen anyway 😩