(yet still struggle applying to my life)
  1. You can't be everything for yourself
    Dependence on self, while convenient at times, can grow into unhealthy practice veryyyy quickly. I was trying to be everything - therapist, lover, career coach. And cutting off folks who had been willing to help me in those capacities. Still working to overcome these trust issues
  2. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT be afraid to ask for help
    No one's going to laugh at you. Or talk shit. And if they do, fuck them. After trying to maintain 3 jobs, direct/produce a film, and run a crowdfunding campaign, I let go of that pride and made cold calls in the name of sanity
  3. It's okay not to be on your path to destiny 24/7
    After a year of doing some really dope, out of the box shit, I became impatient with myself. Never allowing myself to have down moments or enjoy life. If it wasn't on the path to my success, then it wasn't worth it. This mindset takes a huge emotional/mental toll after while and can develop an unhealthy pattern of self-hatred
  4. It is truly a blessing to have folks believe in you
    And that doesn't mean they'll neglect you when you fail. I've received more affirmations in the past few months than I can count. I try my best to carry that community with me wherever I go. The light and love has kept me alive
  5. Everything isn't that fucking deep
    Re: dating + relationships. I'm still processing this one. I have a huge emotional/intellectual standard when it comes to potential partners that kills their chances from the jump
  6. I'm still learning how to take care of myself
    Beyond inundating myself with alcohol, hook ups, and Netflix. What does it mean to me when someone suggests "self-care"? I'm just not equipped properly
  7. Writing is a source of healing + enlightenment
    Hopefully this means more lists, scripts, etc. it's imperative to clear the chaos in your head
  8. I'm so fucking capable.
    Thank the Lord up above.