Screw introductions. I've been RAing a film camp this summer and I'm spiraling
  1. They're all greasy
    I'm worrying that hygienic practices don't start early enough
  2. They all toe the line between wanting to be your friend and wanting to make you as embarrassed as possible
  3. There are way too many white ones
    I'm like the helicopter mom for all the students of color
  4. I'm old af
    Some of them were born in 1999, which makes negative sense to me
  5. I really miss peanut butter
    999 of them have severe nut allergies. We didn't have that shit in the 90s
  6. They think they know everything
  7. They're extremely insecure & hormonal
    Whenever I brave one of the co-ed spaces, I just find them chuckling awkwardly with sweaty palms
  8. Teaching/mentoring is really really hard
    I'm scared anything I might say will ruin their lives.
  9. They genuinely wanna learn about the arts
    I've been able to give (what I hope) is really helpful advice thus far. Hopefully they keep opening up to me.
  10. Addition: they want me to do lights out at midnight as if my bedtime isn't 10 PM…