Or maybe just kept from my idealist ass
  1. That bumming off your parents gets old real quick, forcing you to overcompensate in more ways than one
  2. That it's "just not your moment yet" when you've been applying to gigs for 6 months
  3. That you'll be moments away from pursuing some ragweed job on Craigslist
  4. That "you have to be there" to pull the job
    And the adequate funds to do so
  5. That you'll drive yourself so crazy you make up random errands like taking the recycling out or scanning/archiving all of your childhood pictures
  6. That you become much more of a media consumer than a media creator
  7. That the joke you used to make about couch surfing might actually come tru when you're desperate enough to escape your no-dreams hometown
  8. That some days the anxiety/depression will become too much
    And nothing you do can remove the weight of it all
  9. But some days, in the smallest of moments, the world comes through, and you have hope that you're on your way to your blessing
  10. Shouts to all those postgrad living ✊🏽
    Stay prayed up