1. So I'm back on here after a 21 day break
  2. I was on a fast with my church
    For a plethora of reasons, but essentially to recenter myself in Christ and move away from my dependency on alotta outside shit
  3. No fried foods, no fast foods, no alcohol, and NO LIST APP 😦
  4. But it really wasn't bad
  5. I thought I would fall off with the ongoings of the world, but they somehow found a way back to me
  6. Certain moments were hard
    I discovered I depend heavily on alcohol, especially when folks be OUT HERE trying it on the regular
  7. But I definitely felt more in tune with the world
  8. And I was blessed up times a trilli
    I was only jobless for what seemed the longest week of my life. But then Jesus came through and I'm actually semi-overwhelmed by all that I have on my plate now
  9. I've been filming til my eyes bleed out and got this amazing doc fellowship
  10. All this to say coming back on social media is overwhelming af
  11. Not on some righteous shit
  12. But it's intriguing how much time we invest in the digital world to get away from our real life
  13. And I just don't understand the new photo UI here and the stars turned to hearts????
  14. And I missed the second Chicago meetup 😭😭
    One of y'all coulda emailed a bitch
  15. But frfr, I'm turning 23 tomorrow. This fast/second half of the year pushed me to see myself in a different light
    Like how magical I am/am gonna be. I'm positive God's been wanting me to have this view all along.
  16. Take a break from the digital world sometimes y'all. Shit is so so refreshing.
  17. Bottoms up!!!