1. Unexpected naps that college properly prepared me for
  2. Twist outs that take less than 45 mins
  3. Post-Cosby truth shame
  4. Rae Sremmurd
    No truly, the lil homies are onto something
  5. Pixar
    Inside Out. Need I say more?
  6. Working iPhone chargers
  7. The little vibrates on my arm when my lazy ass hits my daily FitBit step goal ☺️☺️☺️
  8. Friends that don't make you feel shitty
    And having enough respect to not allow them to
  9. My momma
  10. Her spaghetti
  11. Bey
    Although we all know she has her moments
  12. Tink's "Million"
  13. A dirty chai with just the right amount of espresso
  14. Politically conscious white/brown/black people not shying away from important conversations
  15. Blackness. Womanhood. Black womanhood.
  16. God's hair blessings when I truly don't deserve it
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