Indianapolis, IN, that is. The common assumption is cornfields & extreme racism. This is tru, but we have a few more gems. (#Draftmas bonus, bish, I can't do no mo 😩)
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    An excessive amount of black people amidst a state full of hicks
    The Great Migration definitely left its fair share of black families here along the way. It's not something you'd really expect or desire in a Midwestern town such as this, which inevitably leads to…
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    Class & race division
    Many white families have inherited huge rural properties while black folks were pushed into the inner city ghetto. That translates into suburbs literally as far north as possible. Huge homes on far-off boulevards. I've lived in the faux hood my whole life, in a house my great grandparents inherited from rich, white stakeholders. The servant stairs literally still run up the back.
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    All basketball all the time
    They took Hoosiers to a whole nother level. State championships are coveted like family heirlooms. This leads to far too much investment in AAU leagues & HS sports. The pressure & consumerism surrounding is admirable, but lowkey pitiful.
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    Indiana State Fair
    The countriest/unhealthiest shit you ever seen.
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    Fuck any notions of childhood you think you understand. They knocked out a whole wall to build a dinosaur exhibit!!! This was the first haunted house I ever experienced. It's a spiritual experience to go to this place, young or old.
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    Indiana Black Expo
    This organization has worked in Indy for years to amplify the black experience. Their summer celebration brings the best of B list celebrities and black culture to downtown every year (this is when white flight really occurs πŸ‘€). But frfr, I worked here all 4 years of high school. It changed the way I frame my blackness and exposed me to black folk my private, Catholic education never could.
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    Extreme ratchetry
    I don't know how the city is so infused with it πŸ˜‚ probably a product of our survival. But I gained all my ratchet & off-brand tendencies in Nap. Wouldn't trade it for the world.