Been having some not-so-hot days, but I'm determined to send only good vibes to the self of tomorrow
  1. Chicago's somehow managing to have a real fall this year
    70s in early October? Say whaaaa?
  2. The energy that will carry over from a surprisingly energetic 2.5 mi run today
  3. My mom's determination to exclusively share her homemade recipes with me & my sister
    The tru homemakers of tomorrow
  4. The unexpected deliciousness of Trader Joe's non-dairy ice cream
    And the fact that I've finally accepted my lactose intolerance
  5. Affording multiple plane tix in under 2 weeks
  6. Mustering up the courage to actually seek tasks at my internship
    Never mind the fact that a few too many were quickly thrown my way
  7. Anderson Cooper's endless receipts in the #DemDebate tn
  8. The direct deposit that's finally bout to come through 🙌🏽
  9. Finding a free parking spot on these Chicago streets
    These gentrifying millennials play no games
  10. The fact that I'm slowly becoming an actual freelance filmmaker
    Standing tru to my contrived LinkedIn title 😂