Just now realizing my terrible track record with electronics. I hate this because I would consider myself ~technologically savvy~
  1. LG flip phone 2009
    My dumb ass left the phone on a water bar at my friend's pool house. Came back to find it waterlogged from being in water for 30 minutes plus. To make matters worse, I got cussed out by mi padre that night for being out past my nonexistent curfew. Made out with my light skinned crush doe 😛
  2. Winebook Pro 2014
    Winter Quarter 2014, I decided to *carefully* place a cup of moscato on the surface of my laptop (I was watching House of Cards, shit!). Reached up to get something & spilled the whole gahdamn glass. All over my keyboard. Then I mistakenly plugged that bitch in & ruined everything.
  3. .
    Spent the subsequent day running around Chicago trying to find pity. Finally caved in and called my father, who gracefully said, "As long as you're not pregnant, we're good."
  4. iPhone 5 v1
    My phone rebelled against my mal use by simply racking up data I never used. Got a new free phone from VZW after subsequent cuss outs by my dad
  5. iPhone 5 v2
    Cracked within weeks of getting a new one. My dad hesitantly funded a new screen. This was my entire Christmas present.
  6. .
    But then I dropped this bitch 50+ times til the screen eventually dislodged. Got a double protective case & screen protector in hopes it would hold together. Despite my dedication, my ass cracked it in my back pocket when I sat down. Glass fell everywhere. Parts were exposed.
  7. This list could go on & on
  8. But here we are
    2 screen cracks, a cracked speaker, and several successful attempts by the devil later. My dad got tired of funding my failure, so i finally caved in & bought a 6. Fingers crossed I don't fuck this one up 🙃🙃🙃