1. Well, we officially left Hawaii.
  2. In the chaos of moving and traveling, I lost my wedding ring.
    Damn swollen pregnancy fingers 😢 I had to take it off and put it in what I thought was a safe zippered clutch in my purse with my engagement ring and another gold ring gifted to me by an aunt at my wedding. Today, I went to put them back on and only 2/3 rings were in the pouch.
  3. Thank God for buying high value insurance.
    Even though inside, I know it is just not the same.
  4. Let's hope some kind soul at Houston Intl Airport turns it in, because I'm pretty sure that's where I lost it.
    If not there, then Honolulu Intl Airport 😩
  5. 😭
  6. Update: some jerk just tried to swindle me on the phone after seeing a post on Craigslist about me losing my ring! Asked me all sorts of questions and then refused to send a picture of the ring and kept asking me for the serial number. Said some kid sold him the ring in the airport...
    Why would you buy a ring off someone in the airport and then contact someone offering a reward on Craigslist? Losing hope when there evil people like this trying to exploit the situation!