Today I took a ferry to Miyajima Island off Hiroshima, Japan and climbed Mount Misen. I accidentally took the hardest trail and literally climbed stairs the entire way up (1755 ft) for two hours! Luckily, there were these Buddhas along the way who made it not only bearable, but amusing.
  1. Even baby Buddhas need to stay warm in winter.
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  2. Classic.
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  3. Nap time
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  4. Bawling but ballin'!
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  5. Straight chillin'
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  6. Crossing guard? Surfing? Cute bib tho
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  7. This is the Notorious B.I.G. of baby Buddhas
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  8. Nerdy baby Buddha
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  9. Probably the most surprising... Weightlifting baby Buddha
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  10. The graduate
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  11. Idk? But it was cute?
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  12. Will work for sake
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