Some of my faves. This list could have hundreds of items if I just kept going...
  1. BCGs
    Short for birth control glasses, issued at basic training. Purposefully made to be hideous. Part of the whole "break you down and then build you up" strategy.
  2. Gat
    Your issued weapon. As in, "grab your gats, ladies!"
  3. Latrine or head
    The toilet. "Why are you dancing around, PRIVATE?! YOU GOT ANTS IN YOUR PANTS?" "NO, DRILL SERGEANT! I GOTTA PEE!" "Well then get your ass to the latrine!"
  4. Charlie Foxtrot
    NATO alphabet for CF, short for "clusterfuck." As in, "40 guys just rolled into my aid station with trench foot. It was a trench foot MASCAL. What a Charlie Foxtrot."
    Mass casualty. Exactly what it sounds like.. The troops all come down with massive diarrhea and are useless for a week because of food positioning from the DFAC. Or, an IED blast goes off and you have a real MASCAL.
  6. DFAC
    Short for dining facility. Also known as the chow hall or mess hall. The inspiration for many running cadences... "They say that in the Army, the chow is mighty fine.. The coffee looks like muddy water, and tastes like turpentine."
  7. Ate up
    Fucked up. "Your uniform is all ate up like a soup sandwich, your hair is out of regulation, you can't PT worth a damn.. What is your major malfunction, Private?!"
  8. PT
    Physical training, aka mandatory group workouts. Starts at 0500 sharp. Part of the reason Soldiers brag to each other that they do more before 0900 than most people do in a day.
  9. FUBAR
    Fucked up beyond any/all recognition/repair. Kind of a dated, Vietnam-era term. "The commander made us crawl in the mud all day today. My uniform is FUBAR."
  10. Check your six
    Don't forget to look behind you. Stems from the idea of making sure you don't get shot from behind. Now, used somewhat colloquially to make sure you have your shit together.
  11. Shitstorm
    Related to Murphy's law. Anything that can go wrong, will.