We are visiting my family in Texas and my in-laws in Kentucky. I'm a damn Yankee who grew up in a racially diverse place and haven't experienced this so overtly before. To top it off, I just moved away from Hawaii, where interracial marriage is the norm, so I'm having a little "culture shock."
  1. Is the constant staring at me with a scowl on your face:
  2. A geographical cultural difference?
  3. Because your mama never taught you it's rude to stare?
  4. Because your mama never told you to not make that face or else it would get stuck like that?
  5. Because you've never seen a brown person before?
  6. Because you're mad my husband sold out?
  7. Because you're racist?
  8. Or something else I am missing completely?
  9. Sincerely,
  10. A confused brown person
  11. Who was taught it's rude to stare
  12. And make faces