Next level sexy; dedicated to my fellow forearm and hand appreciators. Cc: @magic (the original fire starter) @nantea @nathanveshecco @olive @alligeeshow @Lisa_Fav @Fitz and anyone else who can appreciate the beauty here.
  1. I think we have all established that male forearms are super sexy, thanks to the excellent list curated by @magic
    ICYMI: LET'S TALK THE MOST SEXUAL PART OF THE PHYSIQUE—THE FOREARM ; sidebar: This is somewhat morbid, but during dissection of the human body, the forearm was definitely the most beautiful and intricate part.
  2. I decided to take this one level further and up the sexy factor (I know, I didn't think it was possible either).
  3. How, you ask?
  4. Well, what's sexier than a resting forearm?
  5. A forearm that is PLAYING A GUITAR.
    Nothing tops this. Nothing.
  6. So, for your appreciation, here is a sampling of choice firearms playing guitars:
  7. John Mayer (@john)
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    BONUS POINTS: +💯for beautiful sleeve tattoo, +💯 for veins, +💯 for great hair, +💯 for raw talent, +💯 for killer solos, +💯for kissy face 💋 - I could go on
  8. Chris Martin
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    BONUS POINTS: +💯 for funky guitar, +💯 for British accent
  9. Stevie Ray Vaughan
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    BONUS POINTS: +💯for veins, +💯 for being an OG
  10. Eric Clapton
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    Look at those arms. Specimens. BONUS POINTS: +💯 for guitar O-face
  11. Keith Urban
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    BONUS POINTS: +💯 for this power move he is doing right here. So much passion.
  12. Ed Sheeran
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    BONUS POINTS: +💯 for pieces of flair
  13. Adam Levine
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    BONUS POINTS: +💯for tattoos, +💯 for perfect hair, +💯for vintage guitar, +💯 for being Adam Levine (excuse this grown ass woman while she drools)
  14. You are welcome.