It never ceases to amaze me what things wind up in people's bodies.
  2. Round magnets
    Surgically, from the intestines of a 3-year-old boy who ingested them. They stuck together on the inside of the body and eroded through the intestinal wall. We had to remove part of the small intestines as well. 😔
  3. Lego 1x1 brick
    From the nose of a 4-year-old boy who put it there "so I wouldn't lose it."
  4. 25¢
    Endoscopically, from the esophagus of a 7-year-old girl. She was a repeat offender. In total, that year, she had ingested a total of 87 cents spread out over 4 separate occasions. She was a human piggy bank.
  5. A bobby pin
    From inside a 16-year-old boy's ear. He was trying to dig out all of his ear wax so he could "hear better" and perforated his eardrum with it (the irony).
  6. An infected belly button ring
    From a 17-year-old girl; her friend pierced her belly button after her parents told her she couldn't get it done.
  7. 👨👩 FROM ADULTS:
  8. A classic glass Coca-Cola bottle, a rolling pin, and 3 billiard balls.
    On separate occasions, from the rectum of a 41-year-old male.
  9. Half of a broken zucchini
    From the vagina of a 22-year-old female.
  10. A tiny splinter
    From the foot of a crying 29-year-old female.
  11. Glass shards
    From the face of a belligerent, drunk, and smelly 37-year-old male who got into a bar fight. Two weeks later, I also took out the 27 stitches I and the plastic surgeon had to put in.
  12. A live cockroach
    From the ear canal of a 56-year-old woman with sharp, intermittent ear pain for the last two days. Worst thing I have ever removed by far. The patient and I both screamed when it tried to run out of the specimen cup.
  13. Sea urchin spines
    From numerous patients' feet who stepped where they shouldn't have