Mindful monday
  1. An attending OB/GYN I trained under as a Family Medicine resident ran into me today while I was supervising a resident and took me aside, unprovoked, to let me know he trusted me completely and that my patients were in good hands
    It warmed my heart that someone of another specialty of which I only partially practice said this, and emphatically.
  2. I wore my attending scrubs... They're designer, cute, and not masculine.
    I promptly corrected the resident who asked me why I was wearing "nurse scrubs," and informed him they are designer "doctor" scrubs made by a female physician, and not only nurses get to be cute or fashionable at work. Mic. Drop.
  3. I came home to a delicious dinner made by my sister (visiting from Oakland) and my husband. ❤️
  4. My niece gave me a huge hug and a big, wet kiss when I walked in the door.
  5. I finished clinic on time and didn't feel like I was rushing or short-changing any of my patients. I was able to get to know several new patients and catch up with established ones. This is why I love family medicine.
  6. Today was a good day.