I was recently in Japan for two weeks. It is probably one of the nicest places I have ever been to for countless reasons. The people are so kind and thoughtful. The culture is respectful of all people. There are almost no violent crimes despite a huge population. See this list for why Japan is awesome: I FREAKING LOVE JAPAN 🎎🎌
  1. I am currently in Orlando, after traveling for the last 14 hours from Hawaii (home)
  2. Maybe I am jet-lagged and sleep-deprived, which is making me ultra-aware and sensitive to what other people are doing around me
  3. And taking things somewhat personally (like on behalf of the human race, which I know is ridiculous)
  4. And I of course am a patriot, being in the Army.
    I fucking love America.
  5. But I have a few things to say about shit that's really bugging me after seeing how another country does things.
  6. Guys, we can do so much better!
  7. We are not the nicest people!
    I realize we are nicer than a lot of countries but Japan set the bar so fucking high.. Maybe we can all try to be kinder to each other.
  8. We lack patience.
    Some lady almost ran me and 15 other people over with her suitcase to cut the line to board the plane. But she was still stuck behind like 50 people!
  9. We are not very orderly.
    In Japan, people get in neat queues quietly for pretty much everything. There is no pushing or shoving.
  10. The flight attendants all seemed like they had a chip on their shoulders about doing their job (FTR, I didn't make any requests at all).
    Everyone in Japan, from the cops to the street cleaners to the businesspeople were friendly and smiled, and asked me (lost tourist) if I needed help. I even saw a cop rubbing a guy's back as he barfed on the street on NYE.
  11. We lack the proper health education and our lifestyle promotes unhealthy behaviors and diets.
    We drive everywhere. We don't walk enough. Over 60% of our nation is overweight or obese. Our FDA allows what is essentially poison in our foods (HFCS, artificial sweeteners) and for years recommended a high carb diet to its citizens.
  12. I feel super jaded and depressed about the future of our people. We can be so much better than we are!