This is completely made up and based on no factual information at all.
  1. @bjnovak, @dev, @Nicholas @minhal etc all sit around a table like Knights of the Round Table
  2. Somebody brings Blue Bottle (the intern)
    @bjnovak swirls, inhales and then sips. He smiles slowly, which is the cue for @dev to...
  3. Strike a gavel! The meeting begins with a wine and cheese round a la "Chardee MacDennis" (It's Always Sunny episode - if you haven't seen it, you should)
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  4. There may or may not be bagels as good as you can get in LA but not better than NYC
  5. And açai bowls and green smoothies because it's LA
  6. The wine and cheese round ends exactly 2 minutes later when @minhal's old school egg timer goes off, and suddenly there is a ceremonial smashing of the glasses accompanied by everyone's loudest war scream.
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    Now, the meeting really begins.
  7. Each voting member opens up their likes and relists on their iPhone.
  8. They then play an elimination round of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock to decide who gets to hook their phone up to the projector for the day.
  9. @minhal wins - a small victory for the newest person on the team.
    Do you even work at list? Something makes me think yes? I may have made this up...
  10. There is intense discussion (but not arguing -- never arguing) possibly reaching the level of intensity in The Great Debates (funny podcast you should listen to) as everyone decides which of her liked lists are worthy of inclusion.
  11. Once the list is finalized, everyone runs around in a circle high-fiving each other.
  12. But just before the list gets programmed for timed release the next day, @mindy makes a surprise appearance and vetoes everyone, getting the final say because she is Mindy.
  13. She laughs maniacally, everyone bows down to her, saying "we're not worthy! We're not worthy!"
  14. And that's how a list gets featured on @list