This was a hard lesson learned for me at my workplace's Christmas potluck in 2013 (let's just say I lost 12 lbs in ONE day AND missed Wicked, which I had front row seats for). All of the foods below tend to harbor higher amounts of bacteria and bacteria-produced-toxins and should be avoided.
  1. Fried rice
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    Yeah, it's normal Thanksgiving food in Hawaii.
  2. Potato salad
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    It's the mayo
  3. Macaroni salad
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    Also a Hawaii tradition.. Again the mayo
  4. Basically avoid anything with mayo that's been sitting out
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    Mayo is gross anyway
  5. Things that were canned at home
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    A potential for botulism which can be deadly
  6. Unrefrigerated Caesar dressing
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    Often contains egg and anchovy
  7. Undercooked turkey
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    Turkey should be cooked to an internal temp of 165 degrees F at the meatiest part (most often the leg).
  8. Anything that's been sitting out for over 2 hours is higher risk
  9. When in doubt, throw it out.
    You'll never go wrong if you stick to this.
  10. Wash cutting boards and knives between meats/poultry and other stuff.
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  11. Oh and don't forget to practice good hand hygiene at all times.