Aka how to control your thoughts and be instantly happier when things are crappy.
  1. It's been a hard week.
  2. Our movers cancelled on us on a day my husband and I both arranged to be home from demanding jobs.
  3. Luckily they came the next day.
  4. Then, they refused to do a full unpack, as they're contracted and paid for via the military.
    I started unpacking, but it looks like the packers ran around the house putting random stuff from each room in a box before sealing it, which leaves me discouraged every time. And I tend to avoid unpleasantries. But these boxes aren't unpacking themselves.
  5. I've been working from 0600 until bedtime every night. About the same for @Hoogie.
    Exercise has gone out the window these past two weeks.
  6. I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant, having indoor allergies from hell, and have a house full of boxes with no time to unpack. And no baby stuff.
  7. And I found out I have significant anemia and gestational diabetes and now have a high-risk pregnancy.
    Thanks, placenta. I've been careful with my eating, started off at a healthy weight, haven't gained a ton, and have been walking a decent amount, especially during the work week. Pray that I can diet-control and don't need to start medication. Still, the self-inflicted guilt has been indescribable. I already feel like a terrible mother.
  8. That was the last straw. I got the call two days before I'm supposed to fly to my parents' house to be there for my mom as she has a major surgery this week. I leave tomorrow for that.
    Which means I have to delay all my new pregnancy responsibilities (picking up a glucometer to check my sugar four times a day, meeting with a nutritionist, a visit with my OB doc, and the OB nurse educator). I feel like this is just another instance of life getting in the way of me putting my baby and my health first. It's been an incredibly stressful pregnancy.
  9. I was feeling pretty damn sorry for myself and have been tearful more than a few times this past week.
  10. I got kind of sick of feeling that way this morning and decided to stop.
  11. I can't control all of the circumstances, but I can control my response to them and my thinking.
  12. So here goes me "hunting the good stuff:"
    I try to come up with at least five things.
  13. My husband bought me flowers.
    Specifically lilies. He thought they'd remind me of Hawaii, which we both miss. He knew I was having a rough week. I'm glad to know I have someone who notices when I am struggling and makes an effort to show me he cares.
  14. I've been performing well at work.
    At least that's the general feedback I'm getting. It's nice knowing that people notice you're working your ass off, and your efforts aren't futile. Among other things, I listened to my gut and insisted on one of my young patients getting an urgent CT scan because I was concerned the lump in his neck was something bad. I ignored the voice that told me to wait until next week when the ENT was back. It turns out the patient probably has cancer. I'm glad I didn't miss the diagnosis.
  15. My husband is going to paint the baby's room while I am gone.
    The paint in there is awful. Not just the color, but it's streaky. It's the one room in the house we are renting that looks like it needs major help. It is a huge load off my shoulders knowing that I'll come back to a room that is ready to be turned into a nursery. The nesting instinct is really kicking in.
  16. This house, if it ever gets set up, is awesome and built for entertaining, which is something I love to do.
    Party at my place!
  17. I've made wonderful new friends.
    One of them even put my husband and I up for the night at the last minute when our movers cancelled on us and we had already checked out of our hotel.
  18. I have health insurance and can get good care for my pregnancy and my baby.
    If I lived in many other parts of the world, I would be ignorant of the fact that I have a high risk pregnancy, and my baby and I would be at a greater risk of death. I'm grateful to have access to modern medicine for when things go haywire.
  19. I have more compassion for my patients, especially the pregnant ones.
    This whole pregnancy has been rough, what with hyperemesis, moving, family drama, new jobs, and now gestational diabetes. I think struggling through it, while awful, has made me a more compassionate doctor and person.
  20. I have a roof over my head and money to pay my bills, and live in relative security compared to many others in the world.
    I'm trying not to take this for granted. It's certainly easy to.